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Our Vastu Services

Vastu Shastra is an essential step that must be taken by everybody to ensure the correct placement of your property from residential to commercial by balancing the 8 directions of God and the 5 elements of Vastu to get your absolute authority of prosperity, happiness, and achievements. As architecture plays a vital role in our life, “Best Future 6” gives you the right directions for the pre-building or buying process and the perfect changeover for your already built property with colour and metal strips to make your place a safe place where you can positively live and successively work.

Vastu Consultation

Your Search Ends Here-With the Expert onsite and offsite Vastu Consultation.

We’ve been providing both onsite & offsite Vastu consultations for over a decade to get connected with every needy person. We do believe in an effective, affordable, and practical Vastu Solutions which is simple to apply and show fast results without the need for renovation or any structure relocation.

During Consultation, you need to provide every detailed information related to your area, soil, No. of Floors, Map, Any Recent Renovation or any other kind of changes, Any Vastu Remedies Taken Before or Taking Currently, Issues that you are facing or more based on person to person.

With the deep analysis of your reports, we provide 100% fine and easy remedies based on your property without pointing to structural changes in your property.

Vastu Onsite Consultation

Get Our Vastu Services Right At Your Doorstep.


  1. Under the Initial Step of Onsite Consultation, You have to share the details of your property, the dimension of your floor, the covered and uncovered area of your floor, and the occurring issues via call or email.
  2. Next, we will make a quotation based on your issue and you need to release the payment to take the services.
  3. At stage three, We will take Site Visit and capture all detailed information by ourselves. Will check the complete Vastu of your property, likewise checking the 16 directional zones with compass, gridding a site map, looking over directions of your site, floor, and surrounding analysis, detailed history of relocation of things and any recent structural changes, and deep analysis of the directions responsible for your issues.

4. After collecting every piece of information, we will give you an accurate on paper result right into your hand and later we will send you E-Report into your mail.

5. After balancing your home with remedies we will also recommend you 3D remedies that you can do at your home for fulfilling your wishes.

Vastu Offsite Consultation

No Matter What Is Your Location- You Can Still Get Connected!


  1. The Online Vastu process starts with an initial phone conversation or details via email about your property including a site(layout) map and occurring issues that will help us to understand your problem and enable us to quote the fees.
  2.  Next, you need to make a payment. Then we flashlight on more detailed and deep information like- the surrounding of your site, the structural direction of every corner, compass reading, and more based on every site. For showing the clear structural direction of your site and compass reading you can make a video and send us or we can do the same via video calling too. 

3. After collecting every piece of information, we do a deep analysis of it and make your E-report, and send you via email. Under which we explain each concern with perfect solutions and remedies.

4. After balancing your home with remedies we will also recommend 3D remedies that you can do at your home for fulfilling your wishes.


Our online Vastu consultation report will be just as detailed and accurate as a personal on-site consultation.

Once we complete your Vastu Analysis Process, An e-report will be sent to every client from our end either they consult with us onsite or offsite. The E-Report will carry detailed Vastu analysis and solution of your property through this you can keep your report permanently safe and make easy access of the report anytime, anywhere.

If you will need any additional assistance, we will stay in contact with you and provide updates on Vastu implementations.

Our Vastu consultant service aims to hold your hand at every stage.

Our Working Process



During the consultation, we will discuss all detailed information over a call about your property likewise the layout of your building, recent structural changes, your issues, or more.


Proceed to Payment

To confirm your status of taking Vastu service, You need to first proceed to payment. Onward you can take 3 months free services for the same issues.



For Onsite Consultation– We will visit your land and will do a strong analysis to resolve your issue.

For Offsite Consultation– We will deeply analyze your building layout by your shared video or video call and then make a solution based on that analysis.



As soon as your analysis will be done, a detailed E-Report will be sent to you with the complete solution or remedies.

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Residential Vastu

To avoid any Family and Personal Life issues, Get consultation for Residential Vastu and Make your home a “Home Sweet Home.

Commercial Vastu

 To Bring Prosperity at Work Place, Get Commercial Vastu Consultation for running a Stable Business.

Industrial Vastu

To Increase Productivity, Sales, and Profit of Your Industry, Get an Industrial Vastu Consultation and raise your Industry Standard.

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Check Your Vastu