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Astrology is an old belief that uncovers a person’s character, strength, personality, opportunities, gains, relationship, success, economic fortunes, and complete destiny based on the position of the 9 planets and stars at the time of their birth. So as a result Astrology is just a study on any individual personality that shows how these stars and planets affect a person’s life. By looking over Astrology a person can bring positive and meaningful improvements to better their quality of life.

Although there are various kinds of Astrology, “Best Future 6” follows Vedic astrology principles. Vedic astrology discusses the four aspects of human life: Physical, Physiological, Spiritual, and Mental. The foundations of Vedic Astrology are based on planetary movements and their positions at different times, and according to that, The impact of planets is different on every living being around the globe.

Prediction of Vedic Astrology is based on the Moon Sign after that it depends on other planets. All of your horoscopes and forecasts are dependent on your Moon Sign, which requires the date, time, and place to bring greater accuracy.

It is essential to know how planets and their position impact our flow of life. So taking astrological services with an expert astrologer can give meaning to your life by controlling bad elements, benefit you with providing valuable direction, astrological prediction of your Kundli, horoscope guidance, information of your life concerns, and useful remedial solutions. Obtain the finest astrological services and an accurate prediction offered by “Best Future 6”.


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We believe in getting connected with the clients personally. During the personal meeting, we will have sufficient time to discuss your requirements and the issue related to various perspectives as well. That helps us to understand the basic and deep details of you, based on which we will conclude.

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We also connect with our clients on call. You can discuss your problems and clear all your doubts with us. Get advice and guidance on the issues that are bothering you. You will have to answer a few questions related to your concern based on which we will come to end. 

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Based on the positions of the Planets & Stars, We make predictions about career, health, wealth, relationship, and the future. With the help of Vedic Astrology, We create Janam Patrika, or also Life Story, give light over issues that you can have and solutions to avoid them and give a clear understanding of life.

So If you have any doubts in your mind linked with your future. Get rid of your difficulties by getting connected with us.

9 Planets In Astrology


The Sun represents Father. It brings honor, confidence, energy, growth, ego, and fame if your sun is strong. A person born with a powerful Sun is destined to rule, while a weak Sun is destined to serve.


Mercury reflects the grade of “Prince”. It’s likewise a “Messenger of God” and dealing with all of our communication abilities. It represents behaviour and gestures. Strong Mercury, is well-read, jolly and liberal; whereas weak Mercury is a flatterer who engages in pointless talk.


Saturn is known as the planet of justice. Strong Saturn represents great fame and wealth. Weak Saturn gives sorrow, poverty, loss, accidents and tough life. An individual under Saturn's influence must put in a lot of effort. Saturn is a strict and disciplined person who never likes disobedience.


The Moon represents Mother. Strong Moon shows a mother's love and affection, as well as her ability to raise and grow the mental faculties of her child. The Weak Moon represents intolerance, insensitivity, and even insomnia.


Venus represents God of beauty, love and relationship. Its existence in the horoscope chart reflects the area of sensual pleasure, love and affection. Strong Venus represents pleasures on the spouse and if weak, difficulty in marriage.


Rahu is not a planet, It represents the Head of the Dragon. Strong Rahu refers to power and position whereas weak Rahu refers to poverty and misery. Since it is bodiless, a Person belongs to Rahu always in search of more and more rather than being happy with a fine present.


Jupiter represents Teacher. Strong Jupiter shows positivism, knowledge, faith, happiness, prosperity, wealth, and education. Jupiter reflects the higher self's ambitions, a decent nature, a sense of humour, or mercy. The weak Jupiter represents poverty.


Mars is the god of bravery, self-confidence, impulsiveness, courage, aggression, persistence, strength and leadership. Mars represents energy, ambition, desire, great administrative capacity, and a clear sense of purpose. Weak Mars represents a lack of ability and planning.


Ketu is not a planet, It represents the Tail of the Dragon. It represents Son. If a strong person will be blessed with a noble son if weak it brings embarrassment for parents

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